Alfred 3 Workflows


Alfred is a great companion working on the Mac. It helps me in all of my chores and tasks. I currently average 130+ usages a day with Alfred with my top level of useage at 768 times in one day! Much of that is due to the workflows I have made to help me do my work. Remember, you have to have the right tool for the right job.

On this page, I would like to share with you some of my tools. Maybe they will help your jobs go more smoothly! You can download each of these workflows from my GitHub Account. The GitHub account has a directory for Alfred 2 and Alfred 3. Use the directory that matches your version of Alfred. I’m not adding new feature to the Alfred 2 workflows, but all of them have a match in the Alfred 3 directory. I highly recommend using Alfred 3.

All of the workflows on this page are specifically for Alfred 3. Many of these have more features than their Alfred 2 counterparts.

Alfred 3 Workflows

  1. Alfred Bible

  2. Alfred Browser Toolbox

  3. Alfred Time Keeper

  4. Alfred URI Handler

  5. AnyBar Workflow

  6. Budget Workflow

  7. Compress Image

  8. Copy/Move To

  9. DockShelf Workflow

  10. Dropzone 3 Workflow

  11. DwellClick Workflow

  12. ExpanDrive Toolkit

  13. Folding Text Workflow

  14. Hammerspoon Workflow

  15. Haskell Text Converter Workflow

  16. MacVim Toolbox

  17. Markdown to Presentation Workflow

  18. Name Sequencer

  19. Next Item

  20. Notes Workflow

  21. Peppermint Toolbox

  22. Picate Workflow

  23. Quiver Workflow

  24. s3cmd Toolkit

  25. Scratch Pad

  26. Sermon Scheduler

  27. Slap Toolbox

  28. Template Workflow

  29. Text Case Converter in Swift

  30. Text Massagers

  31. TextSoap Cleaners

  32. Thai Translation Workflow

  33. Time Adding Workflow

  34. Time Stamp Workflow

  35. Title Case Server

  36. Todo Workflow

  37. Video Time

  38. Zip Info

Alfred Libraries


I created a library in the go language from Google to make it easier to create your Alfred workflow. You can see the library here: goAlfred

Alfred Swift Library

This is a library to create workflows for Alfred in Swift. It has an example program for converting text cases used in the Text Case Converter workflow.

Alfred Articles

I have also written a series of articles on using Alfred for Mac Tuts+. They are:


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