Markdown to Presentation Workflow

This workflow assumes that the kramdown ruby package is installed on the system already. To install, simply type in a command line:

gem install kramdown

Some system might require a sudo for this command. If you get an error message, try:

sudo gem install kramdown

This has a single file action that takes the given markdown file and converts it to a slide show in HTML and CSS.

The command mds:theme is used to set the theme. It will let the user pick from a list of themes.

The command mds:showtheme shows the user the currently set theme.

This workflow comes from my tutorial How to Create a Slideshow Presentation From Markdown Notes.

More coming soon…

Textwell Workflow

This workflow is for working with the Textwell program for the Mac. It currently give a command for opening it quickly, tw:front. It also has:

tw:edit This copies the selected text and pastes it into TextWell. It also saves the name of the application that the text was copied from.

tw:paste This copies what is in TextWell and pastes it back into the application that the text was copied from.

There are hotkeys setup for the last two commands as well: tw:edit and tw:paste. You have to assign the hotkeys yourself. This gives similar feature as QuickCursor, though I have never used that application.

I am exploring more ways to extend this workflow. Keep an eye on it!


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