Picate Workflow

This workflow is for programing using the Picat language. The following commands are available:

pic:install This will download and install Picat in to the ~/Documents directory. It then sets up the variables to use in all the other commands.

pic:showdir This shows the directory of the install Picat program to the user.

pic:setscript This sets the Picat script to execute in the other commands.

pic:editscript This opens the Picat script in to the code editor that is setup with pic:seteditor.

pic:seteditor This allows for setting the code editor to use to edit Picate scripts.

pic:run This runs the currently selected Picat script.

pic:suser This opens the Picat User Manual.

pic:stutorial This opens the Picat Tutorial.

pic:sstarted This opens the Picat Getting Started Manual.

There are also three File commands to use in the Alfred Browser:

Edit Picat File Allows you to edit the selected Picat file in the Alfred Browser using the editor setup in the pic:seteditor.

Run Picat File This runs the current Picat file in the Alfred Browser.

Run Files through Picat Program This will pipe the current file to the currently setup Picat script.


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