Table Flip Icon

If you write a lot of MarkDown like I do, then you need TableFlip. This entire website is created in MarkDown and translated to HTML by goPress CMS (My own CMS writen in the go language by Google). You can create your MarkDown table in your favorate editor (I’m currently using FoldingText), copy the text, and import in to TableFlip from the clipboard, and then clean it up, or whatever you need to do. The TableFlip interface is just like using a spreadsheet.

For example, I can start making a table in my editor like this:

Markdown Table in Editor

This is a mess! I keep my editor to 600px just like it will show up on my website. Since FoldingText will line wrap it, my tables are always hard to see. Trying to go in and change something or extend it is hard. Even in full screen mode, a large enough table gets very messy.

Table Inside of TableFlip

Now, just copy the table and open it from the clipboard into FlipTable. The table is easy to see, edit, and extend. Here, I added another entry and made some changes to the original table.

Once done, press ↑⌘C to copy the table to the clipboard. You can then just paste it back in to your original document.

Launcher Programs % Used Daily Ease of Extending # of workflows I’ve Made
Alfred 3 85% very easy. Simple items can be created without programming knowledge 50+
LaunchBar 10% difficult. Requires JavaScript knowledge. 18
Lacona 5% difficult. Requires JavaScript, npm, GitHub, & command line knowledge. 12 (Just got started)
QuickSilver 0% Very Difficult. Requires compiled extentions (last time I looked) 1

Typora has similar features built in to the program, but TableFlip is still easier to use. Not surprising since it’s whole focus is on creating an easy to use environment for MarkDown tables.

Therefore, if you work with MarkDown tables a lot, you should check out TableFlip to help make you life easier!