Popclip Extensions

Popclip is a pop-up menu for your cursor. It is context sensitive and easy to expand with extensions. If you are good at programming, you can make your own extensions out of PHP, shell scripts, Ruby, or any language you want to use.

As I write new extensions, I will add them to the list below.


Name Description
surround.popclipext This extensions will surround the current selection depending on the key pressed at the same time. If the command key is pressed, then it is surrounded in “##”. If the option key is pressed, it is surrounded in the <h3> tag. If the option and command keys are pressed, then it is surrounded in the <h1> tag. If no key is pressed, then it is surrounded with “**“.
TSLastCleaner.popclipext This extension will take the highlighted text, pass it to Alfred TextSoap Workflow to perform the last text cleaner. Then it gets pasted back!

Popclip Article

I have also written an article on writing destinations for Mac Tuts+. It is called:


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