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April 03, 2017

Setapp: a new way to discover applications on the Mac.

Folx 5 Download Manager

June 22, 2016

Now a days, everyone needs a good download manager. Most applications are electronic medium only. Many companies are using their own downloaders, like Adobe does for Photoshop. But, most companies simply rely upon HTML downloading of their software. Using plain HTML downloading in the browser works great for small items with great internet connection. But, what about those times that the net isn't behaving well? You then need a way to start the download where it left off. That is why you need a download manager like Folx 5.

Top Margins on Marked 2

August 9, 2014

I have always been bothered by the very large margin on the top of all my printed pages. So, I decided to fix it.

The First Blog

I am starting a blog on my web site to help discuss the proper use of software tools and innovative ways to use them. Come and join the fun!