Now a days, everyone needs a good download manager. Most applications are electronic medium only. Many companies are using their own downloaders, like Adobe does for Photoshop. But, most companies simply rely upon HTML downloading of their software. Using plain HTML downloading in the browser works great for small items with great internet connection. But, what about those times that the net isn’t behaving well? You then need a way to start the download where it left off. That is why you need a download manager like Folx.

Folx 5 Download Manager

In this digital age, downloading large files has become common. From Linux distros to home movies, people are constantly downloading files from the net. I used to always use DownThemAll on Firefox for all my downloading needs. But since I’ve moved to mostly using Google Chrome, I needed another solution. I have been using Folx since version 4. It has proven to be a good, solid download manager with many great features.

Main Interface

Folx 5 has a clean, modern minimalistic interface. The main screen shows the display list in the middle, tags on the right hand side, and an input bar at the top with a dropdown menu for selecting the display information. You paste an url to download or a search term for looking up in torrents in the input bar on the top.

Dropdown Menu

You can click on the dropdown menu in the top center of the screen to jump directly to one of the screens: Downloading for seeing everything currently downloading, Paused to see all the paused jobs, Scheduled to see all the scheduled jobs, Finished to see all the completed jobs, Seeding to see all the seeded torrents(that is, once you have downloaded a torrent, it get seeded or give to others), and Torrent Search to see the results of the last torrent search.

Job Listing

While a downloading a job, the main screen shows all the information about that job: name of the file, number order, amount of the file downloaded, and the rate of downloading. I often keep an eye on the rate of download to see any jobs that have stalled. The button to the left of the name of the download will pause/start the downloading.

With the downloads downloading in Folx 5, I never worry about lost Internet connections messing them up. They have always simply reconnected and finished the download once the internet connection came back.

Preference Panels

Folx 5 gives you a lot of control on how your downloading works. As with all Mac programs, you can launch the preferences dialog with cmd-,.

General Preferences

The general preferences allows you to set the limits configuration and general overall application behavior. Please remember to keep the Send anonymous usage statistics to Eltima check. This helps the programmers at Eltima know about problems with the program and ways to make the overall user experience better.

Proxy Panel

The Proxy panel allows you to setup for a proxy on your network. This is fairly standard setup for allowing HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS proxying. My system isn’t behind a proxy setup, so I do not have anything set here.

Scheduling Panel

Folx 5 has a scheduling feature. You can set different tasks runable at different time periods. The color coding make it easy to read. You simply paint the time in by clicking once to toggle to the desired color and then drag over all the areas you want that color.

Smart Speed Panel

My favorite preferences is the Smart Speed feature. Here, you can set the speed limits for when certain applications are active. That way you can limit you uploading speeds to a minimum while you are on Skype to insure good sound quality.

Tags Panel

The Tags panel allows you to setup download folders based on type of downloads. Using this feature, I force big downloads (i.e.: programs, movies, etc) to download to my external hard drive, while keeping others to the main hard drive. The only problem with this setup is that Folx 5 will just tell you the download failed if the external drive isn’t connected.

Folx 5 has a flexible rules based system for determining how to mark downloads. The interface for these rules is similar to Hazel.

Torrents Panel

The Torrents panel allows you to setup the different parameters for working with torrents and torrent designation files. Torrent or BitTorrent is a disturbed Peer-To-Peer file sharing service that is fully open source and ad free. It’s the best way to download a Linux distribution disk image.

Search Panel

The Search panel allows you to select the Bittorrent search engines you want to query for a file. The more you have checked, the longer the search takes to complete.

Passwords Panel

The last panel is the Passwords panel. If a site you are downloading from needs you to login, Folx 5 can store these passwords and automatically log in to download the files.

Browser Integration

Browser integration is accomplished by loading an extension for it. For example, the Chrome extension found on Google Web Store. Just add it to your browser and Folx 5 will handle all downloads. If you are having problems with a download not transfering to Folx 5 properly, just temporarily disable the extension. I have found this needful for downloads that come from a script file and not a proper anchor link.

For integration with other browsers, just click on their icon in the Browsers panel in the Preferences. Since I do not regularly use the other browsers, I can’t comment on how well their integrations work. But, I would like to see them support the Brave browser. That is the only other browser I use.

Compact Mode

Folx 5 Compat Mode

Folx 5 also has a Compact Mode that only shows a single download at a time, but you can scroll among the entries. When you do not have a download, it makes a convent dropzone for dragging and dropping a link to download. You can get to Compact Mode by the menu entry Window→Switch to Compat Mode or by pressing the hotkey sequence ctrl-cmd-m. I find this mode most useful for my crowded desktop.


Since you need a reliable and fast download manager, you should try out Folx. It has helped me.

Note: This is a paid posting, but I do believe in their product and highly recommend it.