Marked 2’s Top Margin

August 9, 2014

Marked 2 is a great markdown visual processor to make great documents. I have always had one problem with it, the top margin seems to grow with every update! Instead of being annoyed, I decided to fix it.

Since Marked 2 is a specialize web browser, you can inspect the different elements using the developer tools for Safari. Upon expection, I found this line to be the cause:

    .critic #wrapper {
        padding-top: 60px !important

The 60 pixel top padding was definitely an over kill for my likes. So, I downgraded it to 5px and it looks much better.

Marked 2 Style Changes

To make this last for every session, you have to change a Preference. Open the Preferences with Command-,. Select the Style section and change it as the picture.

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