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The Script Manager plugin for WordPress allows the administrator to insert HTML, CSS, PHP, LESS, SQL tables, and/or JavaScript into any post, page, or even into the widget areas. The scripts are kept in the database. Therefore, you never have to worry about updates to WordPress, plugins, or to your theme accidentally deleting your code.

Scripts can be attached to any of the WordPress Actions or Filters, whether made by WordPress core or by a plugin. Therefore, you can create scripts that change basic behaviors of WordPress or extend WordPress. This gives you total power and control over your WordPress site. We have tutorials showing step-by-step process to make a tutorial post type, a HTML5 FAQs post type and page, and even more to come in the future. Your imagination and programming skills are your only limit to what can be done with WordPress with Script Manager.

We are planning more power and flexibility to come in the future (adding more computer language integration, connection to menus, etc). This plugin is not aimed at beginners, but can be used to teach WordPress functionality. Only the administrator user can use this plugin’s functionality.



The following are documentations available:


You can download the plugin from my GitHub repository. If you have ideas on expanding it, fork it and give me a pull request! This is now a community resource that I am hoping others will pitch in and help. As far as I know, it is currently running on 7 different sites. If you know of a site with it, please let me know.


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