All products from Custom Computer Tools will be supported. Since this is a side job, support can not be guaranteed to be fast, but I will eventually answer all questions.  Please review the documentation, FAQ sheet, and tutorials for possible answers to your questions. As we get questions, I will place the question and answers in the FAQ sheet and inform the person with the question.

When describing problems, please be specific as possible. List browser types, server types, etc. That will help me to help you.

I am not a debugging service. If an error message appears that refers to "eval code" or "evaluated code", then the problem is with your script. All queries of this nature will be returned unanswered. Sorry, the potential for abuse is great.

Please include documentation of your sale. Since many items are sold on a different site than this one, I might not know about your purchase. Please include copies of a sales receipt from the site you purchased your software from.

We can not and will not be liable for damage that could potentially come for the use of our software. You should test all installations on a non-critical server first before deployment. That is just common sense.